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Recognition of education

A foreign national coming for studies in Lithuania must hold an educational document recognized in Lithuania. Education is recognized observing the main principle: any education acquired abroad and recognized in Lithuanian does not grant the person more rights than that which he/she had in the state of origin or any third country as well as the corresponding education in Lithuania.

The right to have an assessed and recognized education is granted to Lithuanian citizens, foreign citizens permanently or temporarily residing in Lithuania and persons who applied for permits to live in Lithuania.

The Department of Science and Higher Education under the Ministry of Education and Science recognizes higher education qualifications and provides related information. The Ministry of Education and Science is authorized to recognize, assess qualifications acquired abroad, except higher education qualifications, and to provide related information.

The Ministry of Education and Science assesses the qualifications acquired abroad and related with the successful completion of vocational, advanced and secondary education. Other qualifications acquired abroad are assessed by the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education.

Besides its main function of organizing expert assessment of research and pedagogical activity at research and higher education institutions, the centre has also been commissioned to execute the functions of the Lithuanian ENIC/NARIC:

  • to assess the higher education qualifications acquired abroad;

  • to provide information, consultations and recommendations on the issues of education acquired abroad;

  • to exchange information with ENIC/NARIC and diploma recognition centers world-wide.

An institution authorized by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania carries out the assessment and recognition of professions acquired abroad, which are included into the list of the regulated professions.

The issues concerning the recognition and crediting periods of study are dealt with by the institution of higher education where the applicant is willing to complete his/her study programme.

After Lithuania has joined the Socrates/Erasmus programme, periods of study by participants in this programme are credited in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which allows to assess and compare results of studying and to transfer them from one institution into another.

More information:

Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, Lithuanian ENIC/NARIC 

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